The Carlisle School Spelling Bee was held on Thursday, Dec. 13, and it was sponsored by the Carlisle Heritage League. The judges for the bee were Deeanne Schafer, Melanie Brown and Brea Bennett. Sommer Goodrich was the pronouncer, the bee was coordinated by Michelle Waymire

Spelling bee participants were:

Fourth Grade: Izzy Blair, McKinley Ricks, Bailey Crump, Embry Thornton, John Ed Brannon, Devon Buffalo.

Fifth Grade: Shelby Dancer, Elizabeth Crook, Ashley Parks, Austin Kelly, Savannah Schafer, Audru Burroughs.

Sixth Grade: T.J. Henderson, Teighlor Tumbleson, Draven James, Ema Plafcan, Brainna Johnson, Marcus Corley.

Seventh Grade: Caleb Parker, Brooke Dawson, Blakely Ellis, Caleb Jones, Houston Garrich, Blakely Donnell.

Eighth Grade: Tyler Sanders, Gray Amaden, Sydney Jackson, Megan Caviness, Hayley Hedrick, Kristen Corley.

After round five, three spellers remained. They were Izzy Blair, Savannah Schafer and Ema Plafcan; they were told they were automatically in the County Spelling Bee.

The four spellers from round five, who misspelled their words, were brought back up to continue on to find our last three spellers for the county bee. At the end of round eight, the last three spellers that remained were Tyler Sanders, Bailey Crump, and Megan Caviness.

The winning words for all six spellers were evaluate, exception, incredible, vaporize, reactionary and accomplishment. These six students will represent Carlisle Schools in the Lonoke County Spelling on Jan. 17 at 6 p.m. at England Elementary School.