The state of the City of Carlisle moving into the year 2013 is a work in progress. Your Mayor and City Council continue to look for ways to improve our city so the people who live here will be proud of their town. Hopefully, we can attract more people to move here and be a part of our community.

We started and finished several new projects in 2012. The new fire station was completed. We are very proud of this facility, built with a safe room. This modern structure has plenty of room for our trucks and ample room for our firemen to train.

The second phase of the Bobby L. Glover Highway was completed, dedicated and is now open to the public. The road has really improved the look of our exit. We look for more businesses to locate along the new highway in the future.

Most of the streets in Carlisle were resurfaced this past summer. This project was very well received by the public. Good streets are what people want in their town. More streets will be done this year.

A new stage was built at the city park this past year. Several organizations have used the stage and were very pleased with the facility. More work at the parks will be forthcoming.

The Carlisle Municipal Airport continues to grow. The Airport Commission is working hard to make our airport into a special place. There are now 33 planes on the grounds.

Several new homes have been built this past year in the Two Prairie Subdivision. The subdivision is close to the new high school and more land has been developed to accommodate people looking to locate in our city.

The Economic Development Board is working overtime to prepare for visits from potential industry that might locate in Carlisle. If our town is to grow we must land an industry so our people can have jobs.

The Carlisle Civic Center is very busy with people using the building for all kinds of activities. The center is a very beautiful building. All of Carlisle should be proud of our Civic Center.

The big project for this coming year is the Police and Court Building. This is very much needed for our Police Department. The building will house the police, dispatchers, jail cells, courtroom and offices for our police officers. Construction has started and is scheduled to be completed in August.

This coming year your City Council will be looking for ways to improve services for our citizens. We recently bought a new chipper to better dispose of limbs and other wood debris. We also are looking into modernizing our water and sewer plants. New smart water meters are also a possibility. The meters will be monitored by satellite which will eliminate high water bills caused by leaking commodes and other water leaks.

We continue to ask our citizens to keep your property clean. We are trying to market our city to industry and people looking for a place to live. This is a hard sell when it appears our town is unkempt.

I would like to express my gratitude to all people who work for the City of Carlisle. They work hard to provide the best services possible for our citizens.

Your city leaders are working hard to keep Carlisle moving forward but we also want to make sure we are headed in the right direction. With your continued support, we hope to make Carlisle a better place for all of us to live.