A Carlisle High School teacher was struck by vehicle on Monday morning while crossing the street to school.

According to Carlisle Police Department Sgt. Todd Turner, a call came in around 7:55 a.m. on Monday of an on-campus accident at Carlisle High School involving a vehicle and pedestrian. Turner was the first officer to arrive on scene.

Upon arrival to the high school, Turner said he found high school English teacher, Deborah Harrison, 65, of Hickory Plains laying in the street on the south side of the school. He said Harrison had parked in the south parking lot of the school and was crossing the road heading toward the building when she was struck by a black 2005 sport utility vehicle driven by Georgia Roddy, 62, of Carlisle. Turner said it is unknown at this time if Harrison was on the crosswalk at the time of the initial impact but she was laying about three feet on the east side of the crosswalk, when he arrived. The crosswalk runs north and south from the parking lot to the high school building.

Harrison was transported from the scene to Baptist Health Medical Center in North Little Rock by Southern Paramedics ambulance service, according to Turner. He said she was released later that afternoon, suffering no broken bones.

Turner said no tickets were issued for the accident, although Roddy was ultimately responsible. He said Roddy was visually impaired by the sun glare that morning.

"You’ve got to give pedestrians the right of way coming through there,",Turner said. "It just happen to be both of them were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

According to Turner, the damage to Roddy’s SUV included broken plastic around the drivers side headlight and a dented hood.