The city of Carlisle will sponsor the annual Trash Bash, city wide clean up will be on Monday and Wednesday through May 9.

The town will be divided into four sections, and city crews will cover a different section Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The city will not pick up trash for the event Tuesday because it is a regular trash pickup day. Daily household trash will not be picked up the city crew.

Carlisle Mayor Ray Glover said he would like to encourage residents to take advantage of the public service, which at this time is available to residents only once per year.

"This is a golden opportunity to get rid of old items that are not used and to clean up properties," Glover said. "We would appreciate for people to this opportunity to clean their properties up, which will help us make our town look a lot nicer."

Residents are asked to have items bagged if applicable, and placed at the curb on the day their area is scheduled for pickup. The city will not accept grass clippings, full paint cans, building materials, mattresses, roofing or car parts. Although paint cans will be collected, they must be empty with the lid removed and contain no paint.

As in the past years, pallets will be will be placed for batteries at the Lonoke County Waste Transfer Station, which is located outside town on Arkansas Highway 13 South.

Passenger and light truck tires can be dropped off at Eddie’s Tire and Lube, which is located at the intersection of Court Street and U.S. Highway 70. Tractor, dually and tractor-trailer tires cannot be accepted.

There also will be a place available to dispose of old appliances and large items at the transfer station that cannot be picked up by city workers.

Residents may use the transfer station during normal hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Carlisle public works superintendent Jeff Ward said city crews will pick up large tree limbs and branches on Tuesday only, due to the man power needed for the city wide clean up. Branches should be a minimum of four feet in length. Smaller limbs can be kicked back out of the chipper, which poses a hazard for city workers. It also will speed up the pickup if limbs are placed with the trunk facing the street.