The Carlisle Elementary Schools held its third Lunch with Loved Ones event Jan. 23 in the cafeteria.

Last Wednesday, second-grade students and 48 loved ones were provided a special table to sit and eat in the cafeteria. Those who purchased a meal ate chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, fruit salad and a wheat roll. Following lunch, students returned to class to resume daily activities.

According to Lunch for Loved ones coordinator Shon Evans, this is the second year the parental involvement activity Lunch for Loved Ones has been held. She said the school is required to do a parental involvement activity for students. Through a survey provided to parents at the beginning of the year, parents expressed their interest in having the special lunch event, Evans said. She said it replaces the Donuts with Dads and Muffins for Moms events the school typically provides.

"It got to where if a mom didn’t have a son, she didn’t get to come or a dad didn’t have a daughter, then he didn’t get to come," Evans said. "So we decided to do Lunch with Loved Ones so that someone can come."

Evans said Lunch with Loved Ones is not limited to just parents. She said grandparents, parents, special friends, aunts or uncles can participate.

"No one is left out when you do it this way," said Evans. "It doesn’t have to be a particular person."

Evans said so far the school has held the lunch event for fourth-, third- and second-grade students. Evans said 27 loved ones attended the fourth grade lunch and 35 attended the third grade lunch.

Upcoming Lunch for Loved Ones events will be held on March 12 for kindergarten, Feb. 26 for first-grade students and April 23 for preschool students. Evans said although a date has not been set yet, the fifth- and sixth-grade will have their lunch event on the same day in May.

Evans said there is no limit to how many loved ones attend the event. A special table is provided for students and their loved ones during the students lunch time. Cost per meal is $3 for those eating in the cafeteria. Eating during the event is not required. Loves ones may bring a sack lunches, excluding food from any outside restaurant.