SharkRockets swimmer Kayla McGee put up one of her best performances ever during the Central Arkansas Swim League Meet Of Champs on Saturday at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

McGee won the Meet of Champs high point away board for girls 13-14. She also broke meet record in the freestyle, breaststroke and individual medley.

She won the the platinum division of the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 26.12 seconds. She won platinum breaststroke with a time of 33.68 seconds. She won the platinum IM with a time of 1:06.72.

McGee also won the backstroke with a time of 30.55 seconds. She won the butterfly with a time of 29.43 seconds.

Other local swimmers participating in the meet were: Emily Armstrong, Makenzie Bennett, Tristan Bennett, Peyton Blackard, Tanner Canamore, Taylor Cash, Baileigh Dulaney, Tanner Edwards, Jimmy Evans, Kelyn Fagan, Colby Hartley, Hannah Hartley, Collin Jinks, Sarina Jones, Casey Long, Spencer McGhee, Kenzlee Minton, Jacob Morgan, Baylee Pack, Colby Rogers, Mackensie Stover, Colton Tidwell and Nash Tipton.

Emily Armstrong, girls 11-12: freestyle, first, 29.24; backstroke, second, 36.33; breaststroke, second, 39.05; butterfly, first, 37.04; IM, second, 1:19.05.

Makenzie Bennett, girls 15-18: IM, third, 1:21.86.

Tristan Bennett, girls 13-14: IM, first, 1:21.58.

Peyton Blackard, boys 13-14: backstroke, third, 42.59.

Tanner Canamore, boys 15-18: IM, first, 1:19.68.

Taylor Cash, boys 15-18: breaststroke, third, 38.27; butterfly, second, 33.35.

Tanner Edwards, boys 13-14: freestyle, first, 30.16; backstroke, first, 41.50.

Jimmy Evans, boys 13-14: freestyle, third, 31.72; backstroke, third, 38.45; butterfly, second, 35.21; IM, third, 1:22.64.

Hannah Hartley, girls 11-12: freestyle, second, 36.45.

Spencer McGhee, boys 7-8: backstroke, first, 24.67.

Kenzlee Minton, girls 6-under: freestyle, first, 26.06.

Baylee Pack, girls 13-14: backstroke, second, 39.91; breaststroke, second, 45.36.

Colby Rogers, boys 15-18: breaststroke, second, 42.80.

Colton Tidwell, boys 13-14: freestyle, second, 30.89; backstroke, second, 38.26; IM, first, 1:28.57.

Nash Tipton, boys 11-12: freestyle, third, 34.87; backstroke, second, 39.90.