The Lonoke SharkRockets scored 100 points in their meet at Sherwood on Saturday.

Participating in the meet were Emily Armstrong, Makenzie Bennett, Tristan Bennett, Izzy Blair, Nessa Blair, Blade Brown, Tanner Canamore, Bailey Carter, Taylor Cash, Ethan Davenport, Baileigh Dulaney, Tanner Edwards, Jimmy Evans, Kelyn Fagan, Zachary Frank, Colby Hartley, Hannah Hartley, Brooke Hill, Luke Hill, Autum Jinks, Breezie Jinks, Collin Jinks, Stormie Jinks, Casey Long, Spencer McGhee, Kenzlee Minton, Jacob Morgan, Rachel Potter, Ruth Potter, Kayla Rhodes, Brad Richardson, Cassidy Roland, Kennedi Shelton, Mackensie Stover, Colton Tidwell, Nash Tipton, Brayden Wilson, Evan Wilson, Graceleigh Wright and Sawyer Wright.

Emily Armstrong, girls 11-12: freestyle, second, 31.21; backstroke, second, 37.34; breaststroke, first, 42.00; butterfly, first, 39.53.

Makenzie Bennett, girls 15-18: backstroke, first, 40.28; IM, first, 1:24.38.

Tristan Bennett, girls 13-14: freestyle, third, 32.30; breaststroke, first, 44.06; butterfly, first, 38.53; IM, third, 1:24.40.

Tanner Canamore, boys 15-18: breaststroke, second, 41.75; IM, second, 1:23.10

Tanner Edwards, boys 13-14: freestyle, second, 31.19; backstroke, first, 41.62.

Jimmy Evans, boys 13-14: freestyle, third, 31.84; backstroke, second, 39.00; breaststroke, first, 47.16; butterfly, second, 34.97.

Kelyn Fagan, boys 7-8: backstroke, first, 27.69.

Colby Hartley, girls 15-18: IM, first, 1:43.68.

Hannah Hartley, girls 11-12: backstroke, second, 47.72.

Kenzlee Minton, girls 6-under: backstroke, first, 35.03.

Rachel Potter, girls 11-12: IM, second, 1:57.22.

Colton Tidwell, boys 13-14: freestyle, first, 30.86: butterfly, third, 41.13.

Nash Tipton, boys 11-12: freestyle, third, 35.31; breaststroke, second, 53.22.

Brayden Wilson, boys 13-14: backstroke, second, 43.47.

Sawyer Wright, boys 15-18: freestyle, second, 31.71.