The Morning Line?

Oaklawn Park   Sunday, March 16, 2014

Handicapper Charlie Cooper


     Saturday              Meet

Winners on Top



Winners in Top 4 Selections



Exactas in Top 4 Selections



Trifectas in Top 4 Selections





Best Bet: Race 2 Hurry Up Kate 30-11-8-3      BestLongshot: Race 5 Perfect Setting 33-2-2-4


No.?Horse                      ?Jockey?Comments for Top 4?Odds?

Race 1: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Claiming; Purse $20,000;Fillies; 3 YO

9?Tiawe?Homeister?Any improvement beats these?  7-2

5?Wickedly Sweet?Hill?Adds three good works after good try?  5-2

8?Ribbons and Curls?Arroyo?Well bred, good works & Lasix for debut?  5-1

1?Finish With Style?Quinonez?Scratched for this spot, maybe hoping for rain??12-1



4?Bulldashanswers?Castanon?  8-1


11?Athenian Beauty?Birzer?12-1

7?True Yolo?Court?  8-1

12?My Fair Ashton?Mello?30-1

10?Chapala’s Cowgirl?Loveberry?20-1


Race 2: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $18,000; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up ?

5?Hurry Up Kate?Santana?No excuses vs these?  9-5

3?Me ‘n Amanda?Morales?On the improve?  3-1

4?Smokem Bull?Tohill?Missed a check once in career?  8-1

2?Sneaky Sweet?Laviolette?Speedster will keep them honest?  4-1

1?Miss Lily Mae?Berry?  5-1

6?Ghostly Appeal?Johnson?10-1

7?Fabulous Cate?Walker?15-1

8?Warren’s Lover?Court?15-1


Race 3: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $18,700; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

5?Hatter Nu Nu?Vazquez?Always game vs state breds, loves Oaklawn?12-1

6?Champangefortwo?Birzer?Missed a check once 17 races, loves mud?  8-1

8?Future Prize?Santana?Leading money winner at distance?  8-1

7?Miss Addicate?Tohill?In good form, 3 for 4 in money on mud?  4-1

11?My Dear Desert?Corbett??  9-2

2?GrannyJoy?Morales?  ?  6-1

9?Bay’s Shoes?Loveberry?  5-2

1?Rebecca’s Bull?Johnson?12-1

4?Joanna’s Rat Pack?Canchari?15-1

3?Paris Luc?Halliday?30-1

10?Proud Kitten?Mello?20-1


Race 4: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Claiming; Purse $18,000;Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

3?Music and Me?Tohill?Barn sharp off 2nd race back in maiden claiming?  7-2

11?Our Lucky Lady?Martinez?Stalker better than last?  4-1

4?Callmeawinner?Arroyo?Finds soft bunch for debut?  5-1

9?Party Hat?Birzer?First time for sale?10-1?

8?Ellen Maria?Court?12-1

5?Portobello Babe?Mello?  6-1

2?Honored?Santana?  6-1


7?Betty’s Memory?Walker?10-1

10?Tinsley’s District?Thompson?20-1

6?Trueno Lane?Laviolette?20-1


Race 5: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $31,000; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

1?Perfect Setting?Quinonez?Blows on by?12-1

9?Jury Wise?Torres?Much improvement last out?  4-1

5?My Sister’s Secret?Emigh?The one to catch?  5-2

10?Kopper Kitty?Tohill?Should sit off pace for upset chances?12-1

11?Love My Life?Santana?  7-2


8?Shakin Sugar?Mello?15-1

6?Box Office Appeal?McKee?20-1

3?Course I’ll Wynn?Navarro?  5-1

4?Trick My Ride?Laviolette?15-1

2?Lil Miss Kill?Homeister?30-1


Race 6: 1 Mi; Claiming; Purse $18,200; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

1?Ariadna?Torres?Long overdue for first dirt win?  4-1

5?Flattering Touch?Canchari?Live longshot takes big drop?20-1

10?Broadmoor de Light?Santana?Faced much tougher last out?  7-2

3?Kerisma?Quinonez?Could fly by them all?  5-1

8?American Girly?Laviolette??10-1

6?Data Plan?Loveberry?  8-1

4?Flying Rapunzel?Canchari?20-1

11?Sarah’s Splendor?Emigh?15-1

7?Peekaboo Shoes?Homeister?20-1

9?Princess Semoran?Mello?15-1

2?Sweet Action?Quinonez?20-1


Race 7: 1 1/16 Mi; Optional Claiming; Purse $61,000; 3YO

6?Z Lucky?Thompson?Keeps getting better?  4-1

3?Fire Starter?Hill?Beaten just 4 lengths in Smarty Jones Stakes?  7-2

4?Sheikinator?Laviolette?Sharp bullet for OP debut, won lone dirt race?10-1

8?Son of Dixie?Berry?Off the board once vs stakes horses?12-1

9?Thundergram?Arroyo?  9-2

5?Six Spot?Santana? 4-1

11?All Call?Mello?12-1

2?A Step Ahead?Emigh?10-1

1?Jet Cat?McKee?20-1

10?Denali Rahy Ruler?Birzer?30-1

12?Ship to Shore?Court?20-1

7?Zen’s Way?Quinonez?20-1


Race 8: 6 Furlongs; Allowance; Purse $62,000; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

1?Miffed ?Birzer?Loves Oaklawn and distance?  2-1

3?Crookedpathtoglory?Hill?Will be rolling late?  3-1

2?Street Story?Santana?Won Dixie Belle in slop, back sprinting?  5-2

4?Briar Mojo?Canchari?Could pull upset late?10-1


7?Street Line?Ocampo?20-1

5?Dancin’ Lil?Mello?  9-2


Race 9: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Claiming; Purse $25,000; 3YO

6?Higher Prize?Berry?Bred to love the mud?  9-2

2?Too Tall?Corbett?Last to almost 1st in debut, hope for better break?  9-5

7?Dramatic Brassy?Birzer?Steady works and Lasix for debut?  8-1

10?Proud Twister?Mello?Woke up in last, ran best number on off track?  4-1

8?Indy Skies?Joubert??15-1

9?Hickory Grove?Loveberry?12-1

3?Ol’ Bob?Court?30-1

5?Our Red Rider?Navarro?12-1

4?Barbs Big Speedy?Morales?12-1