Delk Construction and Architect, Clayton Vaden, overseeing the primary school construction, gave an update on the construction progress during a special board meeting on July 31.

According to School Board President Matt Boyles, construction at the primary school is expected to continue through the first week or two of school. Boyles said while the electrical and duct work for the air conditioner units have been ran, the barb units ordered for individual classrooms have been delayed due to the shipment dates schedule by the manufacturer. He said the units are scheduled to ship out on Aug. 10.

"That has been what has help up progress," Boyles said.

Despite the lack of individual units, Boyles said parents and teachers should not be concerned with the lack of air conditioning in the building. He said the district has rented and had a 10 ton, seven, five and three ton unit installed to cool the building and classrooms in the event not all of the new barb units are installed by the time school begins. Testing of the temporary units will be done this week, according to Boyles.

While the board is confident with the current A/C plan, Boyles said in the event the current amount of units is not efficient, the board will look into renting additional units before school starts.

"We [the district] are suppose to make sure they [students] are warm, safe and dry," Boyles said. "Well they will be cool, warm, safe and dry. I don’t think we will have any issues."

Boyles said as for the construction of the primary school office and lobby area, he expects it to run into the first few weeks of school as well.

In other business, the board unanimously approved moving forward with the parking lot project. By moving forward, Boyles said the district is just doing more due diligence. He said they will be looking into resurfacing the parking lot between the agriculture building and old gymnasium as well as figuring out the best way to fix and repave the gravel road by the old gym, down to Palm street.

Also during the meeting, the board unanimously approved the hire of Brandon Barbaree as administrator for CORE/Career education.