The Lonoke City Council accepted bid for new LED sign at Community Center during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Community Center director Mike Brown presented the council with three bids for the sign.

The highest was from Rainey Electronics of Little Rock for $46,733.75 and the lowest from Robson Corporation of Florida for $26,760. The sign will be a double sided digital sign approximately 11 feet in height and eight feet wide and four feet tall.

Bids of the project include all state and local sales taxes. delivery, installation and operator training.

The council voted unanimously to accept the bid from Robson Corporation for $26,760.

Brown also presented a bid for a glass enclosed vestibule for the center. He said the vestibule will be used to help maintain temperature in the front lobby. The bid presented was for $14,770 from Matson Construction of Little Rock.

The council voted to table the bid until the following meeting, requesting a more detailed drawing of the vestibule on the building.

Attorney Jaimie Moss with Wright, Lindsey & Jennings Law Firm spoke on behalf of Bank of America about the property located at 521 E. Eighth St., owned by BAC Loan Services.

Moss said her clients are willing to work with the city on repairs which need to be made to the property. She said a work order has been put out through a company out of Benton to repair the fencing, lattice and gutters. Moss said right now her main focus is getting the home up to code so that the property is not demolished. She said once the repairs are made she will the address future plans for the property with Bank of America.

During the September meeting, Mayor Wayne McGee said Bank of America is refusing to comply with the city demands. He said the neighbors have been maintaining the yard on the property, rain gutters are overflowing and the fence is rotten and in need of repair. He said for safety reasons the fence needs repairing because it offers access to an uncovered pool. Although the pool has been covered since the last meeting, no other repairs have been made to the property. The bank was required to at least give the city a future plan on the property to prevent any more issues with getting a response or making repairs. No plan was presented to the council despite requests.

City Attorney Camille Bennett said the original letter on the property was sent June 9, 2011, requesting repairs be made to the home. The property was condemned in July 2011.

Since BAC is finally making an effort to make repairs to the property, the council voted unanimously to allow the 30 days for repairs.

In other condemned property business, the council voted unanimously to give another two weeks clean up to the condemned property at 519 Hamburg, owned by Warren Cole. If the property is not cleaned up at this time, the city will then move forward with removal of the debris. A fee will then be charged for the cost of removing and disposing of the debris.

The council voted unanimously to remove the property at 112 E. Eighth St., owned by Carolyn Thomas from the condemnation list.

Non-condemned properties with issues which also discussed was 519 Reynolds St., owned by Alonzo and Reola Coleman by Evellue V. Coleman. The council voted unanimously to pass an ordinance to put the property on the condemnation list.

The property at 302 Teresa Lane, owned by Farris and Dorothy McClain and whom has given permission to the city to tear down the home in exchange for the concrete and bricks was given 30 more days to continue clean up. The city has yet to begin work on the property.

Third Street Apartments and the Mallard Point Golf Course will remain on the watch list for another 30 days.

The council also voted unanimously to put 5th Street Apartments on notice for trash and numerous disturbance calls.

In other business, the council heard updates and approved items for other departments.

For the public works department, Larry Clark with HD Supply Waterworks presented a no touch water meter for the council to view. Clark said it would cost the city $676,000 for the replacement and installation of all the meters within the city. He said these meters are guaranteed and have a 20 year battery warranty. Clark said although the batteries in the meters are not replaceable, the meter will alert the city six months in advance that the battery is getting low.

Alderman Pat Howell said he believes this is something that should be included in the upcoming sales tax increase, which will be put before Lonoke residents. No action on the meter system was taken at this time.

In other public works business, the council voted unanimously to pass ordinance 631 declaring an emergency and to waiving competitive bids for the purchase of a kubota mini excavator. Ordinance 632 was also passed unanimously to obtain financing to purchase the excavator. The excavator will be purchased from Henard Utility Products Inc for $73,485.14 It will include rubber tracks, air conditioned cab, angle dozer blade, all standard features, a quick attach coupler, hydraulic thumb kit, 48 inch grading bucket, travel alarm and 24 inch trenching bucket.

Also during the meeting, the council voted to unanimously:

- To purchase two replacement hoses for brush truck two for the total sum of $1190.

- To purchase six sets of springs and plugs to fix three overhead doors at the fire station for $2,034 which includes all parts and labor.

- To spend $1,700 for the purchase and repair of Christmas decorations.

- To pay the Arkansas Municipal League invoice of $8,275.30 for the annual service charge, Municipal Legal Defense Program and Non-CDL premium.

- To pay the Arkansas Municipal League invoice of $1,780 for Municipal official accidental death and dismemberment plan.

- To accept the nine month budget numbers

- To approve paying all bills.

Todd Wheat was absent from the meeting. The next regular council meeting will be at 6 p.m. Dec. 10 at City Hall.