A fire late Wednesday night destroyed the home and vehicles of Matt and Jordan Cordell of Lonoke.

The Cordell family lived on Fairview Street.

Jordan Cordell said she looked at her clock when she went to bed and it read 10:23.

"I aways go and pick Eli up and make sure he doesn’t need a diaper change and give him a hug and a kiss and lay him back down," Cordell said Thursday afternoon, referring to her young son. "I laid back down and went to sleep.

"Dad [Ron Burks] said I was calling mom at 11:10."

Cordell said she smelled smoke in the house.

"It was so thick … we couldn’t see six inches in front of our faces," she said. "I grabbed Eli and your first instinct is to go out the front door."

Cordell said they couldn’t get out the front door because of the flames. She said they went to their utility room to go out the back door but there were flames there as well."

Cordell said her husband Matt ran into the refrigerator in the kitchen and they collected themselves.

"He said ‘put your arm on my shoulder’ and he had Eli and we felt our way around the kitchen counter until we found the sink because there is a table in front of the other two windows in the kitchen ," Jordan Cordell said.

Cordell said they raised the window over the sink and Matt punched the screen out and climbed through, then took Eli and sat him down away from the house then pulled Jordan out the window.

As of 12:45 p.m. Thursday, Jordan said she didn’t know the cause of the fire.

As the house was a total loss, people in the community have been generous with things for the family, especially clothes for Eli, Cordell said.

A savings account for the Matt, Jordan and Eli Cordell family has been established at First State Bank in Lonoke.