Two Lonoke High School students were recognized the Lonoke School Board meeting Monday night in the administration board room.

Sophomores Jamie Bryant and Logan Malone were presented by LHS principal Phynaus Wilson.

Bryant is the Jackrabbits mascot.

"She is truly an outstanding young lady," Wilson said of Bryant, adding that she made the highest score any LHS student had made on the end-of-course geometry test.

"She missed one question and was two points away from a perfect score," Wilson said. "She’s an outstanding young student and proud to have her today."

Malone is a member of the Junior ROTC.

"Logan made the color guard as a sophomore," Wilson said. "Mrs. [Karen] Gibbs and I went to visit our cadets at Camp Robinson during summer camp."

Wilson said Col. Chad Sparks, the head of the Lonoke JROTC, told him that the 10 best cadets are taken to the camp.

"And there was Logan Malone, a freshman last year," he said. "He’s been an outstanding part of that program, an outstanding student and an outstanding young man."

Two Lonoke High School staff members were recognized during Monday’s meeting. They were secretary Danice Lucas and teacher Marcel Vincent, who was not present at the meeting.

"Mrs. Lucas and I came to Lonoke High School together 11 years ago," Wilson said. "She was absolutely wonderful then and is still wonderful today.

"She is one of the best hires I’ve ever made. She’s an old country girl who works hard."

Wilson said Vincent is a "hardworking, dedicated teacher."

"He has great rapport with kids," Wilson said. "The kids love him and respect him. We’re very fortunate to have Coach Vincent at Lonoke High School.

"He’s a great role model for our kids."

Architect Clayton Vaden gave an update on construction of the Gina Cox Center.

"They’ve actually caught up," he said, adding the construction crew had been behind schedule because of weather. "We are under budget and there is a little bit of savings."

Vaden said there is about $75,000 worth of savings but said that money could be used to construct a connection point between the old LHS gymnasium and the Gina Cox Center.

"The connection would be less than that," Vaden said, adding it was priced out at about $58,000. "That is before we get the credit for taking the covered canopy back."

"It really ties the two buildings together," Vaden added.

It also makes the two buildings more secure, he said. "You won’t have to go outside to go back inside."

Vaden said adding the connection point would not change the guaranteed maximum price of the facility.

Vaden said the biggest part of the connection point is masonry work and that the workers will still be on site for a while.

No action was taken at this time.

Vaden also said a custom color had been approved for the chairs and bleachers in the Gina Cox Center. The color, which is the true athletic color, he said is a little different from what is in the high school building.

"We wanted to go a little darker and a little bluer," he said

Vaden said the school district saved between $63,000 and $64,000 on construction of the two tornado safe rooms.

Lonoke athletic director Nathan Morris gave an update on sponsorships for the Gina Cox Center.

"We’ve been out and about, setting up appointments, working on sponsorships for our scoreboards and video boards, enhanced sound and enhanced lighting," he said. "That is looking pretty good so far."

Elementary school assistant principal Rosalynd Kelleybrew asked the board for approval to purchase Scholastic Eduction System 44, which is a reading program for students in grades 3 through 12.

She said it is a precursor program for the Read 180 program, which the school already has.

The approximate cost is $14,500 and would be paid for from Title 1, special education and the elementary school general fund.

The board unanimously approved the purchase.

Following a short executive session, the school board voted to hire Keith Lynn Holt as a bus driver. The board also changed Kathly Halford’s title from board secretary to district safety coordinator.