Dear Jackrabbit Fans:

We are excited to be hosting another season full of extra-curricular activities that will be held in our new Gina Cox Center and at the James B. Abraham Stadium during the fall sports season. We hope that you can join us in support of our student athletes, coaching staff, cheerleaders, band and directors, and the community of Lonoke through attending our sporting events. We have put together a few reminders and changes so that your visit to the school campus can be pleasant and you have the information you need.

The cost of tickets to enter the volleyball games is $2 for students and$3 for adults. The cost for entry to football games is $3 for students and $4 for adults. Passes are given to student athletes and to students that have met academic criteria. Passes will be given to these qualifying students at a reduced price to attend any home games they choose. We have two ticket booths that will be utilized at the football field.

Extra handicapped parking spaces are located on the east side of the football field. Also, we have parking spaces located at the north end of the football field for our senior citizens. Of course, we have new parking spots located at the Gina Cox Center as well as our usual parking spots located around the new center and the football field. Please do not park in the yards of our citizens that live next to and directly across from the school campuses. Please do not park in between the Gina Cox Center and the James B. Abraham Stadium. This area is for ambulances, security, and visiting team buses.

We ask that you help us to follow the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) rules by not having noise makers in the stands for our indoor events and by being respectful to others, players, referees, and the coaching staff during your visit onto the Lonoke School District property to attend an event that is sponsored by the district. You may find the AAA handbook rules on the website at We have administrative staff members on duty at each event to assist you if needed. We also have police officers on duty to provide security and help have a safer environment for everyone to enjoy.

Students are not allowed to throw footballs or any other ball or item during the ballgames, unless they are the players on the field. This is to prevent injury to students as well as fans that are walking to and from different locations. Cheerleaders or other approved persons may be throwing small footballs during halftime or other designated times during the games to fans in the stands. We encourage our students to sit in the stands, with their parents or guardians, during the games to show support and school spirit to our teams. Also, we are asking to please wait patiently while the football team enters and exits the field and not cross in front of the team. Thank you for not blocking the sidewalks so that others may be able to pass by and walk on these areas. We thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you to our entire Jackrabbit sports fans for attending these events and for supporting our students, staff members, and the Lonoke School District in a positive manner. It is greatly appreciated.

Lonoke Administrative Team