Bill Ryker, justice of the peace for Position 10 for the Lonoke County Quorum Court, has announced as a Democratic candidate for re-election.

Ryker, first elected in 2008, seeks his fourth term. According to a press release, during his first term, he was one of five quorum court members on the new jail committee, was involved in choosing an architect, working with the city of Lonoke to find a site for the new jail and working in part in the design with the architect, court judge, and jail committee members.

"Each quorum court district has its unique needs and problems," Ryker said. "Beavers, dams, flooding, roads, interchanges, drainage and economic development are but a few of the challenges for Lonoke Count and the justices of the peace districts."

Each quorum court member is assigned to standing committees. Ryker’s appointments include chairman of the building committee, budget and personnel committee. He also serves on the insurance committee to find affordable health insurance for all Lonoke County employees.

The building committee was responsible for the new Lonoke County Detention facility, courts and law enforcement center.

"There is much work to be done," Ryker said. "One of the urgent needs for the county is repair and maintenance of over 800 miles of county roads.

"Help keep your voice heard on the quorum court. Vote May 2014 for Bill Ryker, Democrat, Justice of the People District 10. Experience counts."