The Lonoke School Board conducted an in-house work session Monday night at the Lonoke School Administration office.

According to Superintendent Suzanne Bailey, Dr. Tony Prothro, Executive Director of Arkansas School Boards Association was asked to come work with herself and the school board on individual needs for the district. She said he focused on helping the board and herself to work effectively as a team.

"We had a great work session," Bailey said.

Bailey said the board also discussed working toward narrowing the district’s three year strategic plan. The plan is centered around what is best for students in the district, according to Bailey. Bailey said as part of the strategic plan, the district is in the process of completing and placing actions steps and evaluative measures in place to help guide the district towards successful decisions in the areas of communication, parent/community involvement and development, infrastructure for struggling students, rigorous curriculum, increased technology, facilities, student safety, and morale/attendance.

"It’s important for everyone to have input," Bailey said.

Bailey said everyone in the district, as a whole, will take a part in the strategic plan, including parents, students, school board members, administration and community members. At this time, Bailey said the district’s goals are broad, but they will begin to narrow the plan. After decision are made on an board and administration level, the plan will then teacher leadership teams before moving onto the district student leadership team and the task force team of parents and community members.

"Everyone is going to have a say," Bailey said. "This will give everyone a voice."

By seeking guidance through all avenues of the district, Bailey said it helps her as superintendent to know what the schools want, and what the needs are for the district. She said will provide input to assist in the growth of these addressed areas within the Lonoke School District.

At this time the strategic plan is broken down by goals, district actions and district measures. For example in the area of moral and attendance, the district’s action is to increase moral across the district and to increase faculty, staff and student attendance at all levels. Some of the district measures are to have staff and student monthly recognitions at the school board meetings, giving district-wide financial bonus, have staff as well as faculty, staff, department and personal recognitions, and holding a courtesy preventive meeting with employees to review the new absentee policy.