According to a Lonoke Police report and an arrest affidavit, a Cabot man has been arrested at Lonoke on charges of public sexual indecency. Mustansar Mukhstar, 49, owner of the Nexxon Station, 513 West Front St., was arrested March 26 by Lonoke police following complaints by up to four individuals.

According to the police report, on Jan. 2 a former Nexxon Station employee filed a report of being inappropriately touched by Mukhstar within a day of being hired on Dec. 16, 2012. The former employee said that the day she was hired, Mukhstar had asked her if she was friendly.

She said that the following day Mukhstar, "grabber her butt inappropriately." The report states that the employee told Mukhstar that the action was inappropriate, to which her replied, "I thought you were friendly," but "went no further."

When a family matter required her to ask to take the next day off, the employee said Mukhstar told her to take care of the matter and then call him. The employee said that despite trying "multiple times" to call Mukhstar, he has not answered his phone and she feels it is because she would not accept his advances.

Mukhstar pled not guilty to public sexual indecency for this incident.

According to the arrest affidavit, on March 20, a woman reported being sexually harassed by her employer, identified as Mukhstar. The affidavit states that during the week of Feb. 4-8, Mukhstar grabbed and hugged the employee despite being repeatedly told to stop.

The employee reported that Mukhstar "finally stopped," however when she checked the alarm as directed at closing time, Mukhstar got behind her and when she turned around he held and kissed her; the employee said she could not back away though she eventually got away.

The affidavit also states that, on March 21, two women reported being inappropriately touched by their former employer, identified as Mukhstar. The women said Mukhstar would rub their shoulders and buttocks and "inquire about having sex with them."

The affidavit states another woman reported that when she asked about a job at Nexxon the owner had said there was not an opening. She provided him with her phone number and e-mail address. She said she later received a text from him about having sex with him.

After Mukhstar, after his March 26 arrest, was charged with three counts of public sexual indecency and one count of harassment. Mukhstar was released after posting a $,1580 bond; a court date of May 7 is set in Lonoke District Court.