When Lonoke High School students went to their classes on Tuesday, March 12, they were in for a special treat.

None of their teachers taught that day. Instead, the students were greeted by guest speakers who volunteered to tell the classes about their careers.

There were speakers from the fields of business, medicine, software design, law, insurance, engineering, aviation, biology, heat and air, pipefitting, electricity, architecture, game and fish, religion, broadcasting, and even embalming.

Many of the speakers brought tools and equipment used on the job. Many also brought visual aids such as slide shows.

This is the first Career Day at Lonoke High School since 2010. The LHS PALS (Parents and Lonoke Schools) decided at their first meeting this year that career day was something they wanted to happen.

Parental Involvement Coordinator for Lonoke High School, Elise Hobson, said "It was a huge success. Several parents have told me that their children have narrowed their career choices because of Career Day."