By Ed Galucki

Staff Writer

Democrat candidate for Senate District 28, state Representative Tiffany Rogers, told Lonoke Area Chamber of Commerce members Thursday that she wants to open opportunities for people who might not otherwise have a chance.

Senate District 28 goes from DeWitt to Searcy, and Holly Grove to Scott, encompassing six counties, Rogers noted. She said she is serving her second term in the House of Representatives.

Rogers said she was reared in a Christian family, in the Lutheran church. "My great-grandfather was a Lutheran minister in Stuttgart," she said.

"My Christian values are important to me. There are very few days or hours that go by that I don’t say some type of prayer," Rogers said. Her family background with hard-working parents developed a strong work ethic in her, "That is something I am extremely proud of as well," she said.

Rogers said her father is now disabled, and her mother works hard as his caregiver. "My heart goes out to senior citizens," she said.

"I want the very best for them. I want to be able to enjoy their last years," Rogers said. "I want them to be able to be happy, and to be as productive as possible," she said.

Her job with a community college as a development officer has her developing opportunities for people who would otherwise not have any, Rogers said. Most of the campuses she serves are in rural areas where there would not be the opportunity for continuing education, she said.

"Educational opportunities are a huge part of economic development," Rogers said.

District 28 is made of small, rural communities, Rogers said. "That’s the basis of Arkansas … Main Street, Arkansas; the courthouse squares … these are important issues to me," she said.

"There needs to be someone here to take up for them," Rogers said.

The District is also strong in agriculture, Rogers said. "Agriculture provides about 250,000-plus jobs in the state of Arkansas, it is extremely important," she said.

One of the bills she is most proud of pertains to water districts and projects, Rogers said. Water projects such as the Bayou Meto project are important to agricultural areas, she said.

Continuation of the projects to completion will be a key part of her work, Rogers said.

Rogers said her participation in the Speaker’s Leadership Team has given her experience in consensus building, Rogers said. She has learned about considering both sides of issues.

Dissension and discussion over the Governor’s budget were overcome, Rogers said. "The two parties worked together… That, certainly, had to have compromise take place on both sides of the aisle," she said.

"I want to continue working with Gov. [Mike] Beebe … To create jobs, increase educational opportunity, and reduce our tax load," she said.

Rogers noted the strength of the Lonoke Area Chamber of Commerce. "It was one year ago … that I came to my first Chamber meeting here at the Lonoke Depot. From that moment forward, when I came in and saw the crowd you draw for a Chamber meeting, I was totally in awe," Rogers said. More so on learning that meeting was not a "fluke," that all meetings are so well attended, she said.

"It says a lot for your community and your county," she said.

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