Adam Ingle


I, Adam Ingle, have lived in the Great Lonoke Township for a year now. I love it here.

And as far as experience I have worked in Private Security for 9 years, a lot of that and Verizon/Alltel Arena.

The Constable is the Sheriff of his Township and he is to serve and protect his people of the township, patrolling and reporting any suspicious activity to the local Sheriff’s office or police departments

I will be a constable working for the great people of my township. I will be accessible and viewable. I am young and full of energy and wanting to make this Township the best one in Arkansas!

I have had weapons training for the office that I am seeking, and when I am elected, I am going right away and get my certification in all phases of law enforcement.

I have been married to Rebecca my wife of almost 24 years And I would appreciate your vote for a brand new era in your great Township.