The Lonoke City Council voted unanimously to begin condemnation procedures to add four new properties to the city’s condemnation list on Monday night during the city council meeting.

The first property discussed is located at 605 W. 4th Street, owned by Connie and Robert Voll of Lonoke. The council also voted unanimously to send a letter about an adjoining vacant lot on the property, located on Pearce and 3rd Street, also owned by the Voll’s.

The second property the council approved to move forward with is located at 208 W. 9th Street, owned by Henry Jr. and Bobbie Bryant. The third property is owned by Phillip Douglas Lee II of Culver City, Calif. and located at 420 E. Academy Street. The final property is located at 428 E. 2nd Street, owned by Hugh and Rebecca Thomforde of Sparta, Tenn.

Property owners will be asked to come before the council to discuss their property and will be given a time limit to make necessary repairs if applicable, mow, cleanup and removal of debris from the property. If owners do not comply with the requests from the city, further action will be taken.

The council also voted to send a letter requesting clean up of the property located at 319 W. 3rd Street, formerly owned by Johnson and Wendy Chapman of Lonoke and now owned by Bank of America.

In other property issues, Alderman Pat Howell said 3rd Street Apartments are making strides in the right direction on maintaining a clean property. He said the issue now is apartment residents are putting their trash to the road during the property day and times, but the trash company is not always running on the correct day. Howell said because of this, there has been some trash blown in the street from trash cans, but the property owner is working to correct the problem. The council unanimously voted to leave 3rd Street Apartments on the watch list for further discussion at the June council meeting.

Mallard Point Golf Course, which aldermen said is being mowed, will also remain on the watch list for further discussion at the June meeting.

Properties already on the condemnation list, located at 903 Court Street and 1222 Oakdale, will be further reviewed in the June meeting. The council made a motion to remove the property on 312 Harrison Street from the condemnation list.

Spring Clean up kicked off on Monday. City workers will be picking up broken and unused items for residents who are unable to haul it to the city shop. Tires are also being accepted. To better serve residents, the city shop will be open from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Also during the meeting, the council unanimously voted to:

- Spend up to $6,500 for duct work repair at the Community Center.

- Aerate the Community Center soccer field at the end of the spring soccer season.

- Approve the $174 change to the Animal Shelter building to have a white roof.

- Spend up to $16,000 for man hole repairs.

- Refurbish the inside and spot repair the outside of the water tower. The job will be put of to bid.

- Spend up to $1,000 to repair unused generators at city shop.

- Spend up to $2,200 for mist oil for mosquito services.

- Require the ball park to pay their water bill from revenue generated at the park through concession stand, tournament fees or gate admission.

- Remove water department accounts to be written off.

Aldermen Danny Whitehurst and Wendell Walker were absent from the meeting. The next Lonoke City Council meeting will be at 6 p.m. on June 9 in the court room of City Hall.