The Lonoke Public Schools are cutting energy costs wherever possible.

Water faucet aerators have been replaced throughout the district to reduce water waste. Computers are being equipped with An Autonomic Software Power Management Program that will enable the computer during holidays, weekends, and late nights, when not in use, to automatically turn off and enter a sleep mode at no cost to the district. Also, the district is paying more attention to lighting and other electrical devices by turning them off when not in use to help cut energy costs.

Telephone lines are also being upgraded from P.O.T.S. (Plain Old Telephone System) to the Plexar system lines that are less expensive and save money on our phone bill. The P.O.T.S. lines were running around $65.00 and the new Plexar lines run about $5.75. A big savings here as we work to get these all converted throughout the district.

The district is researching other energy saving costs at this time and will update you as they are received.

Thanks to all that work each day to reduce energy cost to our district and help us save money that can be used for more important needs of the district.