On Aug. 5, 2013, the Lonoke School Board approved revisions to our policy 7.10 Public Use of School Buildings. The revision was required by the Arkansas Department of Education and made it necessary for the District to have a facilities use agreement in place for community members, civic, and non-profit organizations to use the school’s buildings and facilities.

District employees as well as the school board members have been actively involved in working on this use agreement for several months to put a procedure in place that will provide an organized and efficient system in order for the public to use the facilities after school hours. With an effective system in place, our facilities can be utilized and continue to remain in great condition.

The Lonoke School District’s Facilities Use Agreement can be found on our website at www.lonokeschools.org/Our District/Facilities Use Agreement.

Individuals or organizations wishing to use a specific facility need to contact that facility directly to complete required paperwork. Initial approval will be determined by the building principal; priority will be determined first by the needs of the school and the district. We want everyone to be able to enjoy Lonoke School District’s facilities, but we also want the facilities to be kept in great shape as well as being able to continue to keep the facilities in good working condition. It takes extra expenses to be able to provide the facilities outside the normal operating hours/days of school, such as utilities, equipment operation, set-up and supervision. In short, if you have general questions regarding rental of the district facilities, please contact Cyndi Perryman for more details at 501-676-2042/ cyndi.perrryman@lonokeschools.org or stop by the district office and visit with her.

Thank you for helping us to take care of what we are so proud of at LPSD and what you assisted in making happen through your support, a school system that has gained new and upgraded buildings and a new multi-purpose center.

Also regarding our facilities, the Lonoke School Board will review the District’s 6-year Master Plan and Partnership Program at the December board meeting on Monday, December 6th, at 6:00 pm, at the Administration Building. The public is invited to attend.