April 24 is Administrative Assistant’s Recognition Day. We, at Lonoke Public Schools, would like to take a moment to recognize our ladies who perform the many tasks of answering phone calls, greeting people in a friendly and inviting manner, and taking care of visitors, parents, students, staff, and community members on a daily basis. All this is in addition to being responsible for organizing and performing many other duties each day that are important and greatly appreciated. Our building and district office personnel are valued employees that assist in making many other employees’ job roles more effective and efficient.

April is also the month in which we, at LPSD, recognize our media specialist. We have four employees that have this assignment and work diligently to provide our students with support in reading, technology, library skills. Guidance and assistance is also made available for students so that they are better prepared to use the skills and knowledge gained from the media center in their classroom. The media specialist also provides support in technology and other media tools to the instructional staff. With Common Core Standards being implemented and testing to begin over these standards in 2014-15 school year, the media specialist role is ever so important in working cooperatively with the teachers so that they feel comfortable in preparing students for a more technologically advanced learning environment.

In March, LPSD recognized our school counselors and food service employees with a reception in their honor. The counselors provide necessary counseling services to our students in a variety of areas of individual and group needs. Counselors are responsible for assistance with testing at the school levels, crisis intervention and counseling, character education, student preparation for the next grade level and on to college/career goal setting, planning, and support, curriculum/data tasks, and other roles as assigned and needed each day to help students be successful.

The food service department personnel are in charge of providing healthy and nutritious meals to our students each day. We will soon have a new site on our district web page that will allow you to review the new healthy selections and requirements that are offered to your child. Other information of importance will also be included such as menus, meal pay, the Breakfast in the Classroom initiative at middle school, and other new options and opportunities we are providing in the foodservice department. We appreciate these ladies for their hard work each day so that our children will have a good breakfast and lunch.

We would like to recognize our athletic trainer, Kathy Burl. She has been a trainer at Lonoke School District for the past several years. She is employed with OrthoSurgeons in North Little Rock and provides athletic training services to our students and coaching staff. This is a valuable position in that it is our goal to work hard at keeping all our students safe to the best of our abilities. In the event an athletic injury occurs, which is inevitable at times, having a knowledgeable trainer that is qualified and able to handle these injuries is invaluable. We appreciate Mrs. Kathy for this service she provides.