Lee Glover Langdon, a fifth-grade student at the Lonoke Elementary School, won the Smart911 Poster Contest with his poster titled "Help My Dad Is Being Attacked by Dogs."

His creation was inspired by a true life experience where he and other kids are being attacked by the yellow dog around his house.

On, Tuesday, Dec. 18, State Sen. Eddie Joe Williams went to the Lonoke Elementary School and presented Langdon with a $100 check for his winning poster.

The poster contest is for a campaign going on, trying to encourage as many people to sign up for Smart 911, Sign up is done online at www.Smart911.com. Profiles can be as detailed as the caller wishes, it can be limited to only a name and address. Once a profile is completed it should be reviewed every six months. This helps emergency personnel when someone calls 911 from a cellular telephone instead of a standard landline.