141 years ago, Prairie County Democrat – Feb. 1, 1873:


With this issue, the publication of the DEMOCRAT ceases at this place [DeVall’s Bluff]. The press and material will be removed to Lonoke, in this county, where the paper will be continued under the same name and by the same firm. Our reasons for this step are many, but chiefly because we believe we can benefit ourselves pecuniarily and at the same time do more good for the county at large … At our new home in Lonoke, we shall not forget this section but shall labor, as we have always done, not for the improvement of one section over another, but for the building up of the entire county.

With this brief mention of our intention and the motives that actuate us in so doing, we will close by saying, that to these friends who have aided and assisted us during our stay here, we return our sincere thanks, and hope that the pleasant relations we have formed here may still continue in the future… – Geo. M. Emack.

[Editor’s note: The Lonoke Democrat began as the Prairie County Democrat, published at DeValls Bluff by George M. Emack & Co. from Feb. 1872 until Feb. 1, 1873]