May 1, 2013, has been declared as National Principal’s Day. The Lonoke Public School District would like to thank the principals and other building level leaders for their hard work, dedication, and the concern demonstrated for the students and staff on a daily basis. A school principal is the primary leader in a school building good leader always leads by example. An effective leader is available to teachers, staff members, parents, students, and community members. Good leaders stay calm in difficult situations, think before they act, and put the needs of the students and the school system before their own. An effective leader steps up as needed, even if it isn’t part of their daily routine.

A principal must spend part of his/her day handling student discipline, evaluating teacher performance, developing, implementing and evaluating programs, reviewing policies and procedures, scheduling, and being involved in hiring of building-level faculty/staff members. A principal’s leadership qualities directly impact school success, staff effectiveness, and student achievement. A principal must be able to juggle a variety of roles and tasks each day. The principal sets the tone for a community of learners, and is the leader in the learning community. The principal is a teacher, coach, and promotes the professional development of the teaching staff.

The role of the building principal has changed over the years. It has never been just a job, but now more than ever, it is a professional career with much responsibility before school, during the school day, and after school hours. The leader must place focus on facilitating learning in all facets of the school community. Accountability, expectations, laws, policies, and ensuring that students are prepared for the next phase of their education are daunting duties for the leader. This role is time-consuming and sometimes a thankless role with more complaints than compliments. The leader must manage a variety of staff and student personalities in order to have a successful and effective learning system. LPSD appreciates the time spent by these leaders and for their determination to make a difference for all students.

Lonoke Public Schools is proud to have been the home of Mr. Ross Moore and Mr. Phynaus Wilson for years. These leaders have touched the lives of many students, teachers, parents, peers, and community members. They are both retiring this school year. Their leadership will continue to be a part of our school district through the positive initiatives that have been developed under their tenure. Mrs. Jeannie Holt is the Lonoke Middle School Principal and Mrs. Holly Dewey is the Lonoke Elementary Principal. The district appreciates all of our building principals and the leadership they bring.

LPSD would like to also thank Mrs. Roslyand Kelleybrew, Assistant Principal; Mrs. Karen Gibbs, Assistant Principal; Coach Dean Campbell, Dean of Students; Mrs. Karen Burgess, Instructional Facilitator and Pre-K Director; Mrs. Amanda Rather, District Coordinator; Mrs. Cindy O’Riley, Special Programs Director; Mrs. Pam Chandler, Gifted and Talented Coordinator; Mrs. Julie Shoemaker, ESL Coordinator; and Mr. Steven Lilly, Adult Education Director, for their collaborative work with the students, faculty, staff, parents, administration, and community members. Lonoke is proud to have such a talented and dedicated group of leaders that support the work of one another which promotes success for the students.