The Lonoke school board at their Monday meeting approved a 5-cent raise on school lunch meals.

The board approved the lunch meal price change from $1.55 to $1.60 for the primary and elementary schools and $1.80 to $1.85 at the middle and high schools.

The board also approved Tankersley Company, Inc. in North Little Rock as the district’s food service vendor.

In other business, the board approved resignations of middle school girls athletics instructor Greg Bradford and bus driver Anthony Ponder.

The board approved the hiring of the following teachers: Sandra Tester for seventh-grade social studies, Miekka Reed-Sawyer for seventh-grade literacy, Chris Bailey for sixth-grade mathematics, Claire Vann for eightth-grade career orientation, Nancy Moery for sixth-grade literacy, Vanessa Davis for high school math, Meredith Elder for speech pathology, Kristen Wilson Scott for third-grade education and Brandi Strickland for high school oral communication, drama and journalism.

The board approved the parent-student handbooks and received an update on a few changes to it.

Lonoke Elementary School Principal Holly Dewey told the board major handbook changes included the raising of pre-kindergarten tuition from $62.50 to $75 per a week and requiring all over-the-counter medication be provided by the family and be given by a nurse. In the past, Dewey said, the school gave out medicine, such as Tylenol and cough drops, but it’s a larger budget item than necessary.

Middle School Principal Jeannie Holt said the following Lonoke High School Clubs have been deleted from the handbook: Teachers of Tomorrow, L. Town Rabs and French Club. Clubs that have been added are: Big Brother/Big Sister, Math Club and Bilingual Club.

Architect Clayton Vaden and contractor Melvin Delk gave an update on district construction.

Vaden said the only thing left to be done on the safe rooms is the pouring of the rubber sports floor and that would be done next week. He said the basketball goals were taken out of the project to save money. Because the district has about $80,000 left over, Vaden gave them the option to put the basketball goals back in. Vaden estimated the goals would cost about $16,000.

He said the exterior colors of the Gina Cox Center have been selected, and the steel would be delivered Monday to the site.

"We’re excited about the steel being here the 23rd," Delk said.

Delk said things will be noticeably different with the building going up.

Vaden said the undercut has been done, and Delk said his crew has cut down about four feet, and then added new dirt to the site because the old dirt wouldn’t support the center.

Vaden told the board that they need to start taking bids for a sound system and raising money from the community to purchase scoreboards.

The next regular board meeting will be at 6 p.m. Aug. 20 in the administration building.