Grandparent’s Day is observed on Sept. 8, this year. Lonoke Public Schools would like to take this opportunity to thank the grandparents for their support of the students, staff, and school district. Grandparents are vital to the overall success of the school system and the community. They have much knowledge, wisdom, and vision that everyone can learn from and utilize.

The Primary and Elementary Schools are hosting Grandparent’s Day luncheons at their campuses on the following dates: Sept. 6 (Kindergarten), Sept. 11 (Grade 3), Sept. 13 (Pre-K), Sept. 18 (Grade 4), Sept. 20 (Grade 1), Sept. 25 (Grade 5), and Sept. 27 (Grade2). We hope all grandparents can make plans to attend this event and enjoy a wonderful school lunch with your grandchild. Contact your grandchild’s school if you have questions. Lunch for adults is $3. Contact your grandchild’s school office for more information on lunch times, etc. Lonoke Primary is 501-676-3839 and Lonoke Elementary is 501-676-6740. Please remember to check in at the school office or the designated location for this event.

The Lonoke School District will also have grandparent workshops throughout the school year to provide assistance to grandparents that are raising their grandchildren, tips and ideas for grandparents to support student achievement, and volunteer ideas for grandparents in the school system. Thank you to our grandparents. You are important to us at Lonoke Public Schools!