Positive growth is happening at Lonoke Public Schools. Student enrollment is up 32 students from this time last year. Finances are up with $172,012.78 less in expenditures. Faculty and staff attendance is up from with only 1,443 sick days being used from 2,006 sick days used from the past school year.

Breakfast in the Classroom was piloted at the middle school so that students had another opportunity to eat a morning meal. This grant funded initiative increased student participation in the school breakfast program thus students were better prepared to listen and learn as research has shown.

The student leadership team, Committee in Action (C.I.A.), was created with students participating from grades 4-12. These students were involved in community and school projects as well as attended a dinner and heard a speaker discuss the importance of leadership. This team allows the students to have a "voice" in their school system.

Students and staff members were recognized for their extra efforts and dedication to the students and the school system through being recognized monthly at the regular school board meetings. We appreciate all the support given from the local business owners for your partnership and donations to these well -deserved employees and students.

Administrators worked together as a team of leaders to provide support and feedback to the teaching staff in the areas of teaching and learning. Data was collected so that professional development opportunities can be addressed. Professional development opportunities were provided throughout the school year to the new teachers as well as all other teachers and administrators to attend so that on-going learning could occur.

Areas such as safety were addressed through meetings and purchases of extra security for all entry-ways at each campus to aid in providing extra protection to all students and employees.

The District created a Task Force Team to identify areas of improvement in assisting in closing the achievement gap and other goals for the school system.

Parent involvement opportunities were provided to parents and community members throughout the school year and the district began hosting "Parent to Parent" nights in which parents assisted other parents in providing support in parenting skills and ideas.

A new partnership with two other districts, Carlisle and Hazen, will begin in August with the new C.O.R.E. (Committed to Other Routes of Education) Learning Environment that will be housed at the Carver Campus. These students will be able to be provided a small class size learning environment while working to improve their academic, social and behavioral skills in a structured setting with highly qualified teachers assisting students’ individual learning needs.

The Homework Hotline began this school year which was housed at the Carver Campus. Tutoring services in literacy, math, and other academic areas were given to students that attended. Students that could not attend were able to call a phone number and reach a certified teacher to provide assistance in academic areas.

Then new Gina Cox Center is moving in to the completion stages and the grand opening has been set for Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013, at 3 p.m.