After taking a breather for nearly two years, he is ready to climb back into the saddle and resume work in law enforcement, Jim Roberson said in announcing he is asking for the Republican nomination as candidate for Lonoke County sheriff.

Roberson said that after serving five terms, he chose not run for re-election in 2012. "It was time to take a year off," he said of his decision to sit out for a term. A lot goes on in 10 years as sheriff, but now he is refreshed and has, "a new outlook.

"Getting out helps you see new things," Roberson said.

He considers himself as "very healthy" and that the stress of being sheriff is not a concern for him, Roberson said. "The stress never did bother me. I have always worked well under stress and have been able to deal with it .. it is not an issue," he said. "I know the job well. I wouldn’t be going into anything that I don’t know what it is about."

"I took the office a long ways in 10 years," Roberson said of his prior experience. "The beginning years were tough. We didn’t have anything to work with," he said.

"But we ended up with all kinds of new equipment. Even a new jail," Roberson said. "I showed the sheriff’s office had class, well trained personnel," he said.

"My focus will stay the same. Keep up the training, keep well qualified personnel, take care of the equipment," Roberson said.

"Right now, if you go to the sheriff’s office, … there’s about five or six stripped police cars sitting out front… I think it shows that the leadership really doesn’t care about the perception of the sheriff’s office," Roberson said.

Roberson said his mailing address says Austin, but lives near the Woodlawn community, "Right in the middle of Cabot, Lonoke, Carlisle and Beebe.

"It is one of the reasons I moved out here. So I would be central to everybody," and he knows the concerns of the rural communities.

Roberson said he has a Facebook page, Re-elect Jim Roberson, for people to learn more of his stand and to contact him.

Anyone with questions can also call him at 501-743-9000; 501-266-6745or visit at his store at 10077 Arkansas Highway 31 north, across from the Woodlawn Community Center, Roberson said.