The first thing I want to say is… Missed it by that much! Now, as I look back on my 13 years of being a student at Lonoke Public Schools, it becomes evident to me of how my past has prepared me for the very near future.

Looking across the field, I see all the people who have made me who I am today, through both good and bad experiences. I see the faces of fellow classmates, friends, teachers, and faculty to whom I owe a great deal. Over the years, you helped me develop skills that I will need many times over in life, and even some skills I won’t need.

It all seems like yesterday when Mrs. Edelmann was Ms. Pickard and we were in her 10th grade pre-AP world history class, all of us hiding in her closet and waiting for her to come into the empty classroom; or in middle school when we weren’t allowed to have fun because the teachers were too strict over there to allow that.

Then in primary school, when everything was about your apple card and not getting to go to good guy recess for not taking a nap.

God and my family are the two main influences upon my life. My family molded and built my character instilling aspects of respect and compassion, perseverance, and honesty. They encouraged me to reach for goals, like being in the top of my class, which at many times did not appear to be within reach. I thank God so very much for my family and all the answered, as well as the unanswered prayers, guiding me through all the places I’ve been and to all the places I’ll go. My family has taught me the main outlook of life; that all things, big or small, are possible through Christ who strengthens me.

Now, mazel tov to each member of the class of 2013. I thank you for your support throughout the years and wish you success in the future.