Good evening, class of 2014! Good evening parents, friends, faculty, and honored guests; welcome to the graduation of the class of 2014.

I am honored to represent the class of 2014 as one of your Salutatorians. I have never been more honored to get second place, and I have never been more honored to receive an extra writing assignment. I want to congratulate the class of 2014 for making it this far.

We will forever be remembered as the class who ran off teachers, the class who was maybe a little too loud going down the hallway, and the class that maybe had a little too much school spirit, Marty. We are the class who didn’t care that gas prices were up; we still burned gas and killed time going down miles of back roads. We are the class who found something to do every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

We are a class of caring, passionate young students who have the potential of achieving great things.

Perhaps these past four years for some of you have not been the greatest, and maybe for some of you they have been your glory days. For those who identify with the former, do not be discouraged. There is life past high school.

I believe the class of 2014 is one of the most motivated and ambitious set of students. We do not settle for less, and our future success will be a testament of that.

However these qualities are not all because of our own doing. Essentially, we have been shaped into the people we are today because of every person who came here tonight to support us.

Especialmente mis padres. Mamá, papá, ustedes han sido una inspiración para mí desde el principio, siempre matándose en el trabajo con la esperanza de un mejor futuro para mi. Los estudiantes ante mí no sólo son un símbolo de su excelencia académica sino un símbolo de hasta dónde la comunidad hispana ha llegado. Gracias. Gracias por su esfuerzo y ganas de querer un mejor futuro para nosotros.

And if you didn’t understand a word I just said, take my word for it, it was heartwarming .

The last months of senior year have all gone by in a blur to me, but certain moments of senior year will still be present with me in the years to come. It was the year I got my first d-hall, my first hard earned paycheck, and my first real wake-up call.

I came to the realization that this is it. Most of the people I have grown up with since kindergarten will now go on towards different paths. Some may be realizing that this very moment. But do not be sad class of 2014, we have made our mark and will forever be remembered.