Hey everyone! Welcome to the Class of 2014 Lonoke High School graduation. Aren’t we all gladuates to be here tonight? (haha)

I can’t believe we’re finally here; it seems like only yesterday when we first arrived as freshmen at the old school building. And really, I look back to that first year with more fondness than with the previous three. We are the last class that got to be in that building; it was far from perfect but it was our school and ours alone. We are the last to sit in the too small desks that only let you in from one side. I remember everyone falling out of the new desks because no one was used to having two openings. I remember how every step creaked and you had to tip toe past the office because no one wanted to get caught outside of class. I remember kids hiding behind the curtains in the auditorium so they could skip class. You remember those trailers we had classes in that were past the parking lot? What were they called, oh yeah, the mobile learning units. We would get in trouble if we called them trailers. Like I said, it wasn’t perfect but it was our school and we were proud of it, it was our second home.

And when you think about it, all of the students here are like our families. We all grew up together in the classrooms and in the halls.

We’ve known most of the students here tonight for most of our lives; at this point we know who we can get along with and those we can’t stand. Yet when it all comes down to it, we’re glad to have met everyone we have. Everyone that has made us cried or laughed till our sides hurt has impacted our lives in some form or fashion. They have made us different and have bettered ourselves. We have learned how to handle difficult people to prepare us for the future. We have learned how to guard our hearts from those who mean us harm. We have shaped our opinions and thoughts based on who was around us the most. We might not like everyone sitting here with us tonight, but they helped us become who we are tonight.

High school was rough, really rough. There was endless drama, mountains of work, and the impending doom that was our fear of the future. Some days it seemed impossible and that it would never get better. But you know what, we did it. We got through the hardest part of our lives and no matter what any one tells you, the future can not be worse than the deadly halls of high school. "We are the graduating members of we made it."

It was great being here everyone, I have some good memories to take with me. I’ll see ya’ll on the other side… of the stage!