On Thursday, May 16, 2013, The Lonoke Public School District had an appreciation reception for our local Lonoke City Police Department, Lonoke County Sheriff’s Department and our own School Resource Officers. We appreciate all of the men and women who serve in this capacity. It gives everyone such a secure and safe feeling to know that we have these people to serve and protect our children as well as others. Lonoke Schools would like to thank our State Trooper, Mr. Chuck Lewis, for attending also. We appreciate our state troopers and all law enforcement officers for providing the services that they do for our children, staff, and our school system. Thank you for all you do at LPSD!

On Friday, May 17, 2013, The Lonoke School District held an appreciation reception for substitute teachers and for paraprofessionals to show our appreciation to these ladies and gentlemen.

The school system depends on these employees and the substitutes to provide educational assistance to the students, faculty and staff. It is important that we have quality substitutes when our employees must be absent from work, and it is necessary for our teaching staff to have qualified paraprofessionals to work with them in the education of the students.