The Lonoke Public School System has recently purchased front door entry security systems at each school campus. These systems require visitors to press a button and explain reason for visit to office personnel for safety measures. These systems have 24 hour monitoring with a camera that records and can be reviewed by administrative staff members and school resource officers. The doors will not open until someone inside allows you to enter the facility. We ask that all visitors once allowed to enter the building go directly to the office at all times.

Our new systems will take some practice and some time to work out any kinks and concerns with the operation of the system so that they work for us as we need them to work. We appreciate your patience as we become familiar with our new systems that we installed for the safety and security of all the children who are under our care during the school day. We will begin utilizing our systems fully next week, April 15, 2013. Thanks again for your support in our efforts to put another safety measure in place for our students.