The Lonoke Webelo Cub Scouts from Pack 103, visited The Tom 94.9 FM Radio Station.

They got a tour of three stations Tom 94.9, The Edge and The Wolf . They learned how a radio station is programmed for music, talk and commercials. They each were able to be taped doing a Station Shout Out which played on air. Their are some further announcers in the pack for sure.

Two of the scout parents were old radio announcers and everyone learned how things have changed from decade to decade. In the past, music was queued up and back tracked by hand from each announcer using old Record Albums. Now all the music for all the stations in the area is on a server where it’s accessed and computers instead of people actually plays all the music programmed in. The station teams are able to view what is being played and the format for up to a week. Tom with The Tom 94.9 mentioned how the stations used to be more personable and more interactive, but now everything is pre-programmed and less interactive these days.

The scout appreciated the tour, and learned a lot about broadcasting and communications which helps them each earn their Webelo pins for communication. So Tune in to any of your local radio stations just as the scouts do.