Student safety is always a top priority at Lonoke Public Schools. The administrative team and school board are actively involved in reviewing and planning safety measures that can be improved and enhanced throughout the school district to ensure we are providing the safest school environment for all students.

This year at Lonoke Primary and Elementary Schools, in which our children are the youngest of age, we have enhanced our student car rider procedures in that all vehicles should have their school-made card visible in the right hand side of the car window. If the sign is not visible to school personnel, the vehicle will be asked to park and ID’s will be checked and verified before allowing a student to enter and leave in the vehicle. Signs on paper or other home-made signs will not be allowed. School personnel know which color and how the signs are constructed.

For middle school and high school students, school personnel are on duty each day to monitor this age group for safety with a system in place for any suspicious activity that might present itself for these students as they leave campus each day. These enhancements are for added security and safety for each child that attends Lonoke Public Schools.

If your child is picked up by someone other than the normal parent or guardian, please ensure that he/she is on the student pick-up list and that the person has the appropriate sign in the vehicle window displayed properly. If you need a new sign at any time during the school year, please advise your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

Please keep the school personnel abreast of any changes in phone numbers, addresses, and car rider transportation matters as the school year progresses. This will aid the staff members in keeping the traffic flowing properly in the afternoon car rider lines. If everyone does his/her part in this process, it should flow quickly and most importantly, your children will have more security as they leave the school campuses.

Thank you to all the parents, guardians, and other approved community members/family members that follow our safety/security measures.

We appreciate your support and cooperation so that we can work together to provide a safe and happy learning environment.