Students in Alisha Inman’s and Yvonne Webb’s second grade classes at Lonoke Primary School recently collected items for Project Pearls, a program which benefits typhoon victims in the Philippines.

"We were studying Christmas around the world, learning different ways people celebrate the holiday in other countries," Inman said. "We were also learning about generosity and compassion, which were character education words for December."

Inman said they heard about the typhoon that devastated the Philippines and found the Project Pearls organization.

"What better way to exercise what we have been teaching — actively allowing our students to be generous and show compassion towards this country we had learned so much about in our studies in their great time of need," Inman said.

Items the students collected included: Spring/summer clothing, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton balls, bandages, non-perishable food, combs, hairbrushes, cotton swabs, shampoo, soap, gloves, ointments and school supplies.

The students collected the items for two weeks. They were boxed and shipped Dec. 20.