Lonoke students will strengthen their skills during summer school from 8 a.m. until noon Monday through Friday.

Summer school started Monday and will continue through June 22.

Elementary assistant principal Rosalynd Kelleybrew said elementary summer school is for students performing below grade level.

ďI think itís [summer school] important because it assists students in maintaining skills or concepts they have already learned or helps in areas that they may have a need in,Ē Kelleybrew said.

In summer school, Kelleybrew said, the 35 students work on literacy and math instruction and the Fit for Learning program. She explained that Fit for Learning adds a physical element to learning. For literacy, she said, the students will focus on reading and writing. For math, students will focus on those areas needed for two- and three-digit multiplication, division, subtraction and addition and dealing with money and time elements.

Middle School Principal Jeannie Holt said middle school summer school is required for students that donít pass at least one semester of math, literacy, social studies and science.. This year, the school only had students who didnít pass math and literacy. She explained that the 13 students will focus on an extension of their math and literacy class that they were in throughout the year. She said the teachers know the studentsí weak areas, so the teacher focuses on those weak.

Holt said summer school is important, because somewhere along the way the students missed some skills, so the staff wants them to know they are responsible for their learning. She said the staff wants the students to have the skills before they move to the next grade level.

Transportation, breakfast and lunch are provided during summer school.

The high school wonít offer summer school this year but is offering driverís education in two sessions from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. June 18-22 and June 25-29. The cost is $200. To take the course, a student must be a Lonoke High School student 14 years or older and have a learnerís permit.

ďThe purpose is hopefully to improve driving skills and awareness of safe driving,Ē Principal Phynaus Wilson said.

Wilson said students also receive a discount on insurance by completing the course.

Any student interested in signing up should do so at the high school office.