The Lonoke School District is currently receiving Internet service thought the state network as well as our bandwidth, which is purchased from the state’s Bandwidth for Educational Enhancement (B.E.E.) and through Windstream. The district receives assistance from the E-rate program for the Bandwidth for Educational Enhancement and for Windstream. State guidelines were utilized for the construction of the new Gina Cox Facility. We have upgraded the backbone at each campus to gigabit and installed gigabit fiber optic connections between each campus. We have merged those networks into one network to use the increased bandwidth.

We have also begun a wireless project to cover the elementary and middle school campuses. The cost for this wireless project was approximately $29,231 from the district. We are also looking at utilizing more iPads and Chromebooks for student use as we research the options for wireless infrastructure. In the future, we would love to be able to have more wireless access and a set of wireless devices in each classroom for the students to use. The district has upgraded the core devices to be able to handle the increased bandwidth usage and traffic.