Friday, Oct. 26, 2012, Lonoke School District recognized and honored our transportation department employees for their hard work, efforts, and cooperation in transporting our most precious possession, our children, to and from their homes safely each school day. Driving a bus, maintaining our buses, and organizing all the transportation matters requires our personnel to be focused, organized, timely, and most importantly to place safety as their top priority.

The Lonoke School District has an excellent safety record, and part of that is because of your attention to safety as well, such as, not passing a bus when it is stopped, or stopping when meeting a stopped bus.

Our transportation department employees receive mandatory safety training each year with additional training for new drivers, as well as, other trainings that are provided from the district to help ensure our personnel are equipped with the skills needed to transport and communicate with students.

Please remember if you have any changes that will affect your child’s bus transportation, please advise your child’s school office. Keeping us informed of any changes such as phone or address is vital. If you have questions regarding our transportation department bus routes or drivers, please contact our supervisor, Kathy Halford, at 501-676-2042.

If you have questions regarding your child’s behavior on the school bus, please advise the school office and ask to speak to the assistant principal or principal. THANK YOU to all the parents/guardians that help us in being able to transport your child each day on the school bus by working with us in a positive manner and encouraging your child to behave properly while riding the bus and respecting the bus driver.

We appreciate you!