Mr. Rick Pennington, former Lonoke School Board Member, served the Lonoke School Board for 21 years of voluntary service. It is particularly admirable that he served in this voluntary capacity to provide support, communication, and guidance in order for the district focus to be student oriented and driven.

School board members spend many hours attending academic and extra-curricular activities and events. Continually advocating for children, board members work diligently alongside administration, parents and community members setting policy and creating the vision to help our students experience educational success.

Mr. Pennington, during his tenure, has seen many changes in the Lonoke School District and has been directly involved in those changes that have made the district what it is today. Because of his positive involvement, hard work, and dedication to the students of this school system, Lonoke School District is equipping students to be more prepared for the college/career workforce, new facilities have been built, and more opportunities for students are increasing. For this, we want to say thank you for a job well done!

Mr. Eddie Pennington, current Lonoke School Board member, attended school board member training in Hot Springs on July 10 and 11. School board members must receive annual board training. The District would like to say thank you to Mr. Pennington for attending the training in which he gained hours for Building and Maintaining Teamwork, Preparing Students for the Workplace, Importance of the Arts in Schools, and The Need for High-Speed Internet Adequacy in K-12 Schools.