Webster defines the future as "the time yet to come." What Webster and high school did not teach us was how to handle the opportunities that happen in our future. That mystery is for us to figure out on our own. Without the aid of our parents and teachers, it is up to us take these opportunities and run with them.

High school might have been the time of our lives, but the best is yet to come. This tiny town of fast food delicacies will lead to sprawling college towns with endless amounts of gourmet meals. Our present homes will soon give way to apartments and homes of our own. Children will run around begging us to play, much the same way we did just a few short years ago. Education will lead us to our careers. Careers that will help our families, our wallets, and the United States Government get out of debt. Our careers will define our roles in society, whether it be the medical doctor field, a teacher, or construction worker, we all will contribute to society.

With the education that has been given to us, we will certainly be on our way to making a successful push to defining our own lives as adults. Though our past may precede us, our future is a fresh canvas, and our mind is the brush that can paint anything we want to, as long as we believe in ourselves.

Whether we want to believe or not the future is here now. In just a few short months, our reign as seniors will be over; the cycle will start over as we begin as freshmen, once again. This time though we will rely on our past to help guide us through the rigors of college. From the relationships with new friends and professors, to the classes that will make us pull our hair out, high school helped us get ready for many of the things that life will throw at us. Just remember one thing; you can only control two things in life- attitude and effort. With a good attitude and a little bit of effort, anything you attempt will be a success.

Thank You