The long awaited opening of the Lonoke Waffle house came with little fanfare, and no waiting for customers. "It’s the way we do it. When we feel ready to open, we unlock the door, change the sign from ‘Opening soon’ to ‘Open now,’ and open the door," Waffle House division manager Bryan Williamson said Tuesday. Minutes later, Mary Allen, on loan from the Jonesboro Waffle House, was serving the first order of waffles to Tom and Jennifer Lyman, passing through on their way back home at Billings, Mont. Jennifer Lyman said they had become Waffle House aficionados during their trip, "We don’t have something like this out west." It took one visit to become regular customers of the restaurants, she said. "I guess we got here at the right time," Tom Lyman said. How long did it take for the first customer to come in? "Actually, they were already in the parking lot when we opened," Williamson said. "It works this way for [Waffle House]." Photo by Ed Galucki