The Lonoke School District has completed two safe shelters for the district. Thanks go to former superintendent John Tackett, Delk Construction, Clayton Vaden, architect, school board members and Central Arkansas Planning and Development District for support in writing the grant to assist in funding these two facilities. The safe shelters will house students and staff in the event that serious inclement weather should occur or an emergency arise. Students from Pre-K through grade 12 routinely practice tornado and fire drills in preparation for a real disaster should one ever occur.

Please note below the procedures and expectations of the district safe shelters when school is in session and not in session. When school is in session, students and staff will have priority in the safe shelters. After school hours, the safe shelters are open to the community members to utilize for safety in the event we are under a tornado warning or another form of emergency in which the administration feels that the shelters need to be utilized. When the siren sounds in town, the shelters will be open. The district has a safety coordinator that will be there to open/close the facilities and monitor during the threat of danger.

If you decide to utilize the Lonoke District Safe Shelters, we ask that you sign in/out so that we can keep records of utilization and for safety efforts. Safe shelters are equipped with lights, heat/air control, and restrooms. They are designed to provide temporary shelter from a disaster or emergency. Shelter expectations will be posted inside the facility so that we can keep our facility operational, clean, orderly, and safe.

•Sign in/out upon arriving and exiting the facility

•No alcohol or drugs of any kind will be allowed

•No weapons will be allowed inside facility

•No smoking inside facility or around facility

•No disorderly conduct or disruptive behavior

•No pets of any kind inside or around the safe shelter

•Be respectful and courteous to everyone in the shelter

•Listen for instructions from the Safety Coordinator, administrator, or emergency personnel