Stacy Pennington Moore,


How long have you lived in the area?

My family moved to the country (Woodlawn) in Lonoke just before I started school, so I have lived in the Lonoke area for about 40 years. I attended Lonoke Public Schools and am a proud 1985 graduate of LHS.

How many City Council meetings have you observed in the past year?

I have attended four City Council meetings since I decided to run for the position.

Why do you want to be elected to public office?

I felt it was time for someone like me, a caring citizen with no political agenda, to volunteer my service to help my city in whatever way I can. I’m running because I’d like to offer my time, energy and experience to assist the city that I love so much.

What qualifications do you have that enable you to meet the responsibilities of a city council member?

I am confident that my experience as a corporate officer and office manager for Coldwell Banker Commercial Hathaway Group will help with budgeting and planning for our city, and my work in commercial real estate sales and leasing for over 22 years has given me a specific set of tools and knowledge that will be beneficial in addressing our city’s challenges and opportunities.

What do you believe to be the most important issue facing the city council?

I would like to help with development and soliciting of new business in our town that will enable us to keep the most talented from moving away. We need to plan properly for this new growth and have the amenities and "down time" activities that will hopefully engage young families in wanting to raise their children in our town and stay here.

What would you do to meet the issue?

The City of Lonoke has several resources at its disposal. We are the county seat, and we have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage those resources. A municipality is the strongest when businesses, schools, churches, and local and state officials work together for common purpose. It is critical that we focus on not only putting out immediate fires of infrastructure issues and budgetary matters, but to plan for the future properly. Since people are always the most important resource, we can’t afford to exclude anyone from our planning and development efforts. A fresh perspective and new energy to our local city government is what I believe I would bring to the table.