The Lonoke SharkRockets may not have the size to compete in total points with the larger teams, but their individual swimmers have put together an excellent season.

Saturday’s swim meet at Cabot was another good one for several of the SharkRockets, especially the older swimmers.

Evan Wilson swept his 15-18 races by winning the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and individual medley. Tanner Edwards finished second in the back, butterfly and IM for the older teens, while Jimmy Evans won the breaststroke. Casey Long won the IM and finished second in the free.

For the 15-18 girls, Tristan Bennett won the free, finished second in the butterfly and third in the IM.

The 13-14 girls saw some great races from Emily Armstrong, who won the breast and butterfly and finished second in the back and free. Cassidy Roland took third in the butterfly for the 13-14 girls.

In the 9-10 girls age group, Kelyn Fagan won the back, while Ruth Potter finished second in the IM.

Hailey Fugatt finished second in the breast for the 11-12 girls, while Kenzlee Martin took third in the back for the 7-8 girls.