The Carlisle School District is accepting referrals for the gifted and talented program for students currently in second grade and above. Behaviors usually associated with giftedness include: learning rapidly and easily, being advanced in academic work, persistence, being challenged by new ideas, critical questioning, and anticipating outcomes. These are only a few of the behaviors often, but not always, exhibited by gifted students.

The Carlisle School District seeks a variety of sources in identifying gifted students. Any community member, parent, teacher, or student may refer a child for services. Referral does not ensure placement into the gifted and talented program. Multiple criteria are used to evaluate student need for the program. Procedures are non-discriminatory with respect to race, cultural or economic background, religion, national origin, sex, or handicapping condition. Students are identified by a number during the selection meeting to guard against preferential treatment to any student. A screening packet will be sent immediately to all referred students. Information and referral forms are available at the elementary school office. Referrals will need to be submitted to Jennifer Park by Wednesday, April 26.

For additional information regarding the GATE program or identification process, contact Jennifer Park, Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator at Carlisle School District, by phone (870-552-3261) or by email (