March 30 was no ordinary day at Lonoke High School. The school was host to over 45 guest speakers from all walks of life. These speakers went into the classrooms to tell students in grades nine through twelve about their career choice and what training was needed to get into that career.

Some careers included were doctor, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, veterinarian, radiologist, software engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, Entergy lineman, HVAC, farmer, cosmetologist, chef, mortician, pilot, photographer, police officer, lawyer, banker, accountant and many others. There were also representatives from the Arkansas Game and Fish. The majority of the speakers were Lonoke High School alumni.

Also on campus was the Be Pro Be Proud truck, which is a statewide workforce initiative aimed at educating and inspiring more Arkansans to consider skilled professional careers. It is now in its second year of touring across the state of Arkansas. The Be Pro Be Proud workshop encourages student participation in construction, trucking, manufacturing and other specific career opportunities. The mobile workshop includes interactive work stations that engage students in several skilled professional careers through gaming, rich video, and more.

Elise Hobson

Elementary school and county library team up

Lonoke Elementary School and the Lonoke County Library System have teamed up this semester to make it possible for our students to check out books from the Public Library and have them delivered to the elementary school. Upon request, students will receive a Lonoke County Library card based on their school information. Students may then reserve a book from the Lonoke County Library System to be delivered to the Lonoke Elementary School Library. Not only does this program greatly increase our student’s library book selections, it also benefits our public library’s circulation and increases the number of library card holders. A win for both public and school libraries.

Stephanie Price

The Stock Market Games

Wesley Ader’s Honors Economics classes recently finished participating in The Stock Market Game simulation at Lonoke High School. Students were divided into groups of three to four students and collectively invested in a real-time stock market simulation. Each team started with $100,000.00 to invest in whichever stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that they deemed worthy. They were free to trade at any time and each team made their own group rules about trading. The market’s prices fluctuated in real time with the actual stock markets. Students from all over the United States participated in this simulation. In Arkansas, students are divided into Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. There are six regions in Arkansas. While many teams did extremely well, one team named the Biggest Losers came in second in the High School category in our region. They were second out of three hundred sixty-four teams in the region. Furthermore, out of two thousand five hundred ninety-two teams in the state of Arkansas, The Biggest Losers ranked sixtieth. The Biggest Losers consisted of: Will Armstrong, Lanceton Brown, and Jayda Phillips.

Wesley Ader