On Thursday, May 18, the Woodlawn Community Center opened their doors at 10:30 a.m. for their weekly community event.

Those attending were: Sue Grady, Marilyn Lewis, Louise Crabtree, Davis Hawkins, Jim Schmitz, Susie Schmitz, David Neal, Brenda Ott, Janet Ray, Anita Weathers, Jackie Maxwell, Dorothy Henry and Dorothy Williams.

Janet Ray opened the program, leading the attendees in reciting “The Pledge of Allegiance,” and singing “God Bless America,” accompanied by Anita Weathers on the piano.

Janet Ray gave the invocation, inviting everyone to pray for the sick and for those that are unable to attend.

After group singing and ending with “Amazing Grace,” Jim and Susie Schmitz, full time Christian Prison Ministries presented a program about their commitment to their prison involvement. They teach with an outreach. Susie teaches over 60 male prisoners. Jim sang , Glory to his name, The longer I serve him, the sweeter he grows, Because he lives, I can face tomorrow, How Great thou Art, and I’ll Fly Away. Susie accompanied him with sign language.

We are having a great get together on Thursday May 25. We are looking for more of our friends and neighbors to help present programs for or with us on Thursdays. Contact Jackie Maxwell-501-681-0717.

We are located at 10070 Arkansas Highway 31 north. Come visit and bring a friend.

For more information contact Cecelika Anderson at: 501-676-3695..